A conversation with Mother Nature – How to make Pusanga & manifest your dreams

I was recently lucky enough to work with plant medicines once again. Whilst working with San Pedro, we all moseyed on down to the local woods to have some quiet time with our plant friends.

Pusanga is known as a “magic perfume”. It is also known as “the love medicine of the Amazon”. Through collecting plants and flowers with a specific intention the plants are placed in to a bottle filled with alcohol (so it will last a while) or water if its going to be used pretty quickly. The Pusanga is used to manifest and attract what one truly wants.

This is done by placing some of the ‘perfume’ on the skin. You could also place a drop on the temple and the third eye area, or put some in a bath and have a good ol’ soak.


My Pusanga

I want to talk about my experience collecting the plants and flowers for my own Pusanga and how I went about doing it. After reading this you will know how to go and make your own and get some help from your plant buddies to manifest what you’ve always wanted.

Of course you don’t need to take plant medicine to do this. You can do this anytime you wish but I found it easier to connect whilst with Grandfather San Pedro. San Pedro always opens my heart and makes it easier for me to connect with everything and everyone, especially nature.

Its all about intention

Once in the woods we found a spot and sat down together. The Shaman gave us some advice on collecting our plants and flowers. It all comes down to being present, being open and listening to your intuition and Mother Nature. We were advised to pay attention to where we were walking…to walk slowly paying attention to each and every step and paying close attention to our intuition, feeling/thinking about our intention and being open and listening to the plants that communicate with us. As you make your way through the woods you will be drawn to specific plants or flowers. You may see one in your peripheral vision that is calling to you. Listen to that inner calling.

He said the plants want us to be happy. They love us and when we are happy, we are more likely to take care of the plant kingdom. When focusing on our intention the plants will communicate with us. The plants that want/can help us will talk to us. The best advice I can give here is to move from your head to your heart. Open your heart up, be in the present moment and FEEL.

I went for a stroll and sat down for around 10 minutes soaking up the sun and listening to the birds sing whilst absorbing the gorgeous greenery surrounding me. Nature always seems to calm me and when in nature, I feel most connected to source.

I remained present and my intentions were coming to me. There was more than one but most stemmed from the main one: connection. Connection to nature and to all that is. To be as connected as I am when I am with the plants in my everyday life.
I listened to that inner calling and found certain leaves and flowers calling to me. I asked for their permission, apologised for taking them and took them gently whilst expressing my gratitude and love.

I turned around to walk in the other direction when a magnificent yellow butterfly flew across my eye line which led me to see a sunflower that seemed to be calling me. After picking the sunflower a bumblebee came near me and led me on a little journey to a different part of the woods. It was at this moment that I felt it. I felt the oneness. I felt how all of nature is connected, as though it is a hive mind working in perfect harmony. As though they are all working in tandem. It was a beautiful feeling. It was a knowing that ALL is in divine order.

As I continued through the tall grass I felt more and more plants talking to me – perhaps because of my multiple intentions. I found myself picking up flowers in threes. The weekend was about the power of three – working with all three medicines. I found three beautiful flowers, I picked two and felt mean leaving the third so decided to bring it along too… I then picked up some leaves that I perhaps wouldn’t usually pick up. Leaves that seemed ‘imperfect’ with markings or holes in them. I realised they are perfect the way they are, part of the perfect cycle which we call nature. Everything is ‘born’ and everything ‘dies’. It is the circle of life.

I love strong and bright colours. I found myself drawn to the bold and breathtaking bluebells, the small and cute daisies that gave off a sense of calm, and the petite flowers with radiant shades of pink that smelt as sweet as they looked. I was connected, in awe of their beauty. Right there and then, it was as though nothing else existed.

We made our way out of the woods and back to home base but not before kissing a blue bell (the Shaman said you haven’t lived if you haven’t pressed your lips to a bluebell!)

FullSizeRender 2


Once we got back we began to put our gifts from Mother Nature in to our Pusanga bottles. With all our intentions in our bottles we added fresh spring water, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Cannabis (all the medicines we had worked with), Cats claw, rosewater and a few others before the final part of the ceremony.

We all stood in a circle as a group, bottles in hand, breathing in to them, focusing on our intentions as we spoke the words of power to the eye of heaven in the ceiling as the light beamed down on all of us, lighting us up, blessing us and charging our elixirs with light. A truly powerful and magical moment.

And so…that is the story of how I made Pusanga for the first time. I hope this was helpful and you feel inspired to make your own Pusanga and go out and talk to some trees – if you aren’t doing that already. I will let you know how it goes and if Emma Watson walks in to my life…

Just kidding.

Much love you magnificent beautiful soul. You are so friggin’ AWESOME.

Peace and love, always.








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