Synchronicity or Coincidence?

Do you believe things happen by accident? That the synchronicity in your life is mere coincidence? Well I used to. I was always one of those people who said show me and I will believe rather than believing and having faith that I would be shown – a sceptic you could say. In the past year I have had major changes take place in my life and I feel I have learnt more about myself in the past 9 months than I have in my previous 21 years on this Earth. As I began to be more present and more mindful I realised these ‘coincidences’ are not coincidences at all. I began to see that they are in fact there for a reason – to teach you, to guide you, to communicate with you. God/Spirit/Source is always talking to you. Always. Whether its through a thought, an image in your imagination, a song, a movie, a book, a person, or an experience, God is always communicating with you. The reason we don’t recognise this is usually because we are too caught up in the past or the future rather than being present in the now. Remember, the present moment is all we have and it is always giving so make sure to pay attention!

So this is just a little story of the recent synchronicity in my life that has left me giggling and marvelling at the beauty, wonder and mysticism that we experience day in and day out. Take what you will from it. I hope it at least brings a smile to your beautiful face.

Before the main story I want to say I have been seeing the number 11 A LOT. People say this is the angels talking to you. My life path number is 11. Sometimes I will look at my phone just as it is 11:11. I took part in an Ayahuasca ceremony on 09/11 (which I did not realise). A friend made a joke about my tattoo the next day when I realised the time on stopwatch of my tattoo – 09:11 – the time I was born.

So on to the main story. Triangles. Triangles everywhere. And no, I am not going potty. Well I don’t believe I am but you can make your own mind up.

It first began when I saw a pyramid (which looked to be in Egypt) when I was in meditation. Soon after, my friend was showing another friend and I a music video. I wasn’t paying much attention but I happened to glance over a couple of minutes in and the first thing I saw was a pyramid which again, looked to be in Egypt. Coincidence? Just wait…

So I have been reading ‘Conversations with God’ recently and it states that there are no coincidences and that God is always communicating with us. So I read on and the next thing I read was about the Holy Trinity which has been called by many names; body, mind and spirit, the physical non-physical and meta-physical and so on and so forth. A trinity – threefold. So I was sat on the grass reading my book, engrossed and fascinated in what I was learning when for some reason I lost my focus. People were in the kitchen and just as I lost my focus I heard a word, the word triangle…why on earth that was mentioned in the kitchen I do not know but it was mentioned nevertheless. How could I be deeply immersed in something, lose my concentration for what seemed like no reason, and then the first word I here is triangle? Still not convinced? Okay then.

Next up was my Ayahuasca ceremony where the medicine emphasised love, gratitude & peace. I saw these in a triangle. Almost like a physics equation – love x gratitude = peace.

So the next synchronicity was in the shower, I noticed rough triangle shapes on the wall and one of them was shaped perfectly like a mountain – it is also important to note here I had recently had a felt a strong urge to spend time alone on a mountain somewhere – having never done that before.

Next I took a trip to Jambeli beach with a few friends which is in a story in it of itself. I was standing with my feet in the sand, letting the cool water of the ocean wash over my feet when what appeared to be a stone washed up and was presented in front of me. There were no other stones in sight. I didn’t give it too much thought then something within me urged me to pick it up. As I picked it up I realised it was the shape of a mountain. It’s safe to say my mind was completely blown. I stood there giggling to myself. I did not know what the universe was trying to tell me but I knew the answer would come when the time was right. Perhaps it was just reinforcing the belief that we are always guided. That belief was turning in to a knowing.

Next I had a ceremony called the ‘Walk of Power’. A ceremony where the group of volunteers/work exchangers where I am currently staying take San Pedro and take part in 4 rounds where we make our way to the top of the mountain. I thought to myself; “Was this where the triangles were leading me? Was I meant to do this for a reason”. After our crazy adventure (the day before!) I really didn’t want to do the ceremony but my friend pushed me in to doing so – all be it by telling me how pissed off she would be if I didn’t take part…So after having Rapé blown up my nose and feeling the vibrations of EVERYTHING we spent some time in silence and I fell in to a mediative state. I am sure I saw a pyramid. I got so much out of the ceremony; I felt so much peace and I had a new appreciation for life and all the things I have. That was also the first time I have really walked when on medicine. I felt the medicine working with my body and since the ceremony I feel fitter, healthier and much stronger. I feel the medicine was helping me get rid of any problems I may have had left. Maybe I needed to walk with the medicine to get over that last hurdle, to work my muscles so the medicine could penetrate and go where it needed to go. Was this what all the signs were pointing to. Perhaps but I think there is more to this…we shall see.

Sorry, I am not quite finished yet. I have seeing the number 3 everywhere. I am currently in a hostel in Cuenca writing this. Guess what number my room is? THREE.  I was on Instagram in my room and as I looked at my profile I had 333 followers and on my most recent post I had 33 likes…My football stream may freeze when there is two 3’s on the clock. Or I will be urged to check the time when it is 33 minutes past. I have been seeing both 3 and 11 A LOT.
I thought I was done writing this article but guess what? Something else happened. So a friend and I went out for the day in Cuenca. We did some shopping, had some food and we then decided to go down to the river to pray with some tobacco. After a cop came down and checked if we were smoking weed – which was very funny – another wonderful thing happened. I was praying with the tobacco, giving thanks to spirit for the constant guidance, the signs and the synchronicity and as I was giving thanks my attention was drawn to something across the river. From what I could tell it was a standard metal electrical storage unit where there was access to the electrical grid …but staring right at me on the back of this was a triangle…a triangle which someone had painted. A triangle with the all seeing eye in the middle. And people don’t think God communicates with us? God/Spirit/The Divine whatever your preference, God is always communicating with us. God is everywhere. When we start to see ourselves as a part of God, as his equal (as God states in conversations with God) that is when we can truly manifest everything we want and need. So revel in this beautiful construct which we call life, for it is truly a gift and know that you are always being guided. Always. Oh and never forget that this is all a dream…so stop taking it so seriously 😉

So what does all this mean? According to Doreen Virtue ( the number 3 refers to the Trinity, and means that you are receiving divine protection, help, and guidance. I know i’m becoming more connected to spirit and it feels incredible. I asked to connect and that is exactly what I got. I believe that there are no coincidences. We are co-creators and we create whatever we want to create. “Ask and it shall be given to you”

Thank you for reading this you magnificent, beautiful soul. Have a blessed day and a blessed life.


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